The results of the second week of league curling are in.

Team A. McKernan defeated Team Sheridan

Team Dalton defeated Team T. McKernan

Team Clark defeated Team Urquhart

League Standings:

Teams Wins Losses Points
 A. McKernan  2  0  16.0
 Kobe  1  0  7.5
 T. McKernan  1  1  10.0
 Clark  1  1  8.5
 Dalton  1  1  6.5
 Urquhart  0  1  1.5
 Sheridan  0  2  2.0

Tie Breakers

When two teams have the same win-loss record, the chart below determines which team wins the tie (or whether the tie is broken by points).

When three or more teams have the same win-loss record and the chart below does not solve the tie, points are used.

Teams Clark Dalton Kobe A. McKernan T. McKernan Sheridan Urquhart
Clark - Points Points A. McKernan Points Points Clark
Dalton Points - Kobe Points Dalton Points Points
Kobe Points Kobe - Points Points Points Points
A. McKernan A. McKernan Points Points - Points A. McKernan Points
T. McKernan Points Dalton Points Points - T. McKernan Points
Sheridan Points Points Points A. McKernan T. McKernan - Points
Urquhart Clark Points Points Points Points Points -

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