Barbara Brandt Award Poem for Bryan Stearns

by Jackie Haynes


In the fall of 2009
I said to a good friend of mine
Come try curling - see what it is about
And hey, at least it will be a fun night out
And curl he did with such finesse
He even started off right at second nonetheless
In that first year, he even earned a new name
And his enthusiasm, made me even want to improve my game
In the past three years, he has been to six spiels
Becoming known for his interesting set of wheels
Introduced some of us to Mario curling on Wii
And even got surgery so without glasses he could see
He was elected as an LPCC Board Member
And will hopefully be a Level I Instructor by September
But this is the year we want to look back on
When he became the vice-skip/or mate for Don
His delivery continues to improve
His sweeping can make those stones move
Coming out of the hack, sleek like a cat
All while wearing that Australian outback hat
And at times we have wondered - what is his strategy?
But with his confidence - he would say "watch and see"
And it would look like that stone was coming out hot
But boy, he would make that crazy ass shot
Even beat the great skip Tom McKernan this year
While still being humble and gracious over a celebratory beer
Your improvements this year my friend, can not be ignored
Bryan "Bravo" Stearns you are this year's receipent of the Barbara Brandt Award
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