Do I need to have experience?
No. The Club has experienced, certified instructors to teach all new curlers how to curl, the rules of the sport, good sportsmanship, and how to keep score. All club members provide ongoing support, instruction, and guidance. We also offer annual “Learn to Curl” open houses.

Do I need any special equipment?
No. The Club provides brooms and sliders for those needing equipment. Curlers need to bring clean tennis shoes or similar for traction on the ice, and comfortable winter clothing in layers.

Do I need special physical strength to curl?
No. Curling does not require any particular strength, just some flexibility. For those with lower body flexibility issues, we can teach curling using a special “delivery stick.”

What if I can’t curl every Sunday of the season?
No problem. We have many members who sign up as substitutes and play on various teams when certain team members cannot curl on a particular date.

Is the curling competitive in the Club?
Yes, and no. The emphasis is on learning to curl well, and having a good time with friends. It’s very social. However, the desire to compete and win is also a part of the game, but not to the detriment of our commitment to good sportsmanship and the simple enjoyment of curling among our members.

Are there any age restrictions?
We request that curlers be at last 16 years of age; there is no maximum age for curling—it’s a lifetime sport!