There is a rich history of curling in the Adirondacks. The Saranac Lake Curling Club was established in 1917 and curled on Pontiac Bay; the Pines Curling Club curled on Moody Pond from about 1921 to 1929. From the 1920's to about 1943, the Saranac Lake Curling Club was one the best known and most respected clubs in the eastern US and Canada, hosting and participating in many state, national and international championships. Adirondack Curlers were actively involved in planning curling matches held during the 1932 Olympic games held in Lake Placid. In 1943, due to economic reasons, the Saranac Lake Curling Club was forced to sell its building. In 1952, the Lake Placid Curling Club formed the Sno-birds Curling Club and for the next 10 years they curled on the '32 rink at the Olympic Arena. Interest in curling waned and the Sno-birds' stones were stored away for the next twenty some years.

Ed Brandt, who was very active in the world of curling and a former president of the Ardsley Curling Club, came to Lake Placid with his wife Barbara in 1981, bringing with him his trophies and his great love for the game. He dusted off the Sno-birds' stones and started the Lake Placid Curling Club. The Lake Placid Curling Club celebrated its 30th Anniversary Season in 2011-2012. Club membership averages around 30 members and is looking forward to more membership growth. LPCC members currently curl at the USA Rink of the Olympic Ice Center on Sunday evenings. Our season runs from October to April. Members participate in bonspiels (curling tournaments) at other clubs on a regular basis.

The Lake Placid Curling Club is a member of the Grand National Curling (GNCC); an association of nearly 40 curling clubs in the eastern US. The GNCC is a member of the United States Curling Association (USCA), which is, in turn, a member of the World Curling Federation. The USCA has more than 13,000 curlers and is 135 clubs strong. USCA celebrated its 50th anniversary season in 2008. There are curling associations in 14 other states outside the eastern US that embrace over 300 curling clubs. The 2010 Olympic games brought curling to more viewers than ever before, and a new interest in curling has caused an increase in membership in established clubs and new clubs being established in such areas as Texas, Arizona, California and North Carolina. The total US curling population is around 50,000, with the greatest growth being seen within the GNCC.

The Lake Placid Curling Club is also a member of the US Women's Curling Association (USWCA). USWCA promotes curling for women and Junior Curling.

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