Team Benson 6 0 0 47.0
Team Stearns 4 2 0 31.5
Team Fry 4 2 0 34.5
Team McCabe 3 3 0 23.0
Team McLean 2 4 0 20.5
Team Kobe 2 4 0 21.0
Team Magnus 0 6 0 9.0

A reminder that final standings are determined first by win-loss record. If two teams are tied with the same win-loss record, the tie breaker is the result of the head-to-head match. If three or more teams have the same win-loss record and head-to-head match results cannot break the tie, the ranking is determined by Total Points.


  McKernan Benson Chapin Steinbrueck Kobe Stearns Northrup Friedman Porter
McKernan - McKernan   Steinbrueck Kobe Stearns   McKernan McKernan
Benson McKernan - Benson     Stearns Benson Friedman Benson
Chapin   Benson - Steinbrueck Kobe   Northrup Chapin Chapin
Steinbrueck Steinbrueck   Steinbrueck - Kobe Steinbrueck Steinbrueck   Steinbrueck
Kobe Kobe   Kobe Kobe - Stearns Northrup Kobe Porter
Stearns Stearns Stearns   Steinbrueck Stearns - Northrup Stearns  
Northrup   Benson Northrup Steinbrueck Northrup Northrup -   Northrup
Friedman McKernan Friedman Chapin   Kobe Stearns   - Friedman
Porter McKernan Benson Chapin Steinbrueck Porter   Northrup Friedman -
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