Good curling, everyone! The Board of Directors has been in deep discussions as to how we can curl this season.

We have not taken these discussions lightly. Everyone’s health and safety is the upmost concern. We believe that these can best meet the best needs of everyone as well as making our members feel comfortable while playing.

  • Cleaning and sanitizing equipment after every session
  • Providing hand sanitizer for all members
  • Requiring face masks for everyone, both while play and in the outer rooms of the rink
  • Six-foot distancing at all times, especially near the hack
  • Eliminating the after-session parties
  • Competing using three-person teams (including the skip and one sweeper)
  • Allow only one skip in the house (of the team throwing the stone)
  • Only one person allowed to sweep a stone at any given time
  • Self-quarantine if you feel ill or if you travel somewhere on the New York list
  • Consider buying the broom you have always wanted (New brooms can be had for $75-$150)
  • Use sheets 1, 3 & 5, if 6 teams are competing
  • Use sheets 1,2,4 & 5, if 8 teams are competing. This would require participants on sheets 1 & 5 to stand closest to the boards, and participants on sheets 2 & 4 to stand towards the center of the rink/sheet 3
  • Alternate starting ends at the beginning of each session of play. If 6 teams competing, sheets 1 & 5 start on the Zamboni end, sheet 3 starts on entrance end. If 8 teams are competing, sheets 1 &4 start at the Zamboni end, sheets 2 & 5 start at the entrance end
  • Each participant will have “their own stones” for each session that only they will be allowed to handle
  • Eliminate handshakes. Consider gloved fist-bumps or bringing back the “Monster Bash
  • The Saranac Lake Civic Center will hire additional staff for cleaning and disinfecting surfaces in common areas and to ensure safe entrance and departure procedures