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The Lake Placid Curling Club continued its traditional Hit the Button curling contest on Lake Flower on Saturday, February 1, during Saranac Lake Winter Carnival. Over the course of almost three hours, over 60 contestants tried their luck in tossing 3 stones down the 60 feet of ice to the button. The winner was Owen Delahunt, 12 years old, from Hastings, New York, who received a complimentary LPCC T-Shirt.  Congrats Owen!

On Saturday, February 15, from 11-2 pm, the Lake Placid Curling Club will host a Hit the Button exhibition on Mirror Lake as part of Lake Placid’s 40th Anniversary of the 1980 Winter Olympics events. A special treat will be curling on zamboni-cleaned ice on Mirror Lake. Contestants will get 3 stone throws for $5, with all proceeds going to the Scott Hamilton Cancer Foundation. The LPCC will also be selling its new line of club merchandise, including hats, winter beanies, and T-shirts. Join the Fun!







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